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Cosmopolitan Make-up Artistry College

Cosmopolitan Make-up Artistry College (CMAC) is Edmonton’s as well as Alberta’s first Make-up Artistry School.  It is to provide students with the opportunities to learn the art of make-up effects in the fashion and movie industries.

CMAC was established in 2005.  CMAC is a subsidiary of the well established Canadian Models Actors Center.  The company has been successful over the past decade in the Alberta movie and fashion industry, placing clients anywhere from movie sets to fashion assignments across North America and Europe.

In the past five years, Alberta has also been attracting more Hollywood movie productions then ever before.  This allows increasing employment opportunities for graduates.  There is a high need for make-up artists to work in the health sector for burn victims and cancer patients who have lost their ears and nose or working as a restoration artist.

Students will obtain a Make-Up Artistry Certificate recognized across Canada.  We offer both full time and part time classes.  CMAC will provide students with practicum options within movie and fashion industry, as well as on premise.

The curriculum will include:
  • Beauty Make-Up
  • High-fashion make-up
  • Period make-up
  • Airbrushing
  • Character make-up
  • Aging make-up
  • Plastic and Latex Application
  • Facial Hair
  • Hair/Wigs/extensions/colour
  • Prosthetics *bruises, scars, cuts, bullet holes etc…
  • Plate Mould impressions
  • Tattoos
Each area represents a unique skill that will be taught by experienced industry professionals.

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