Industry Professionals

At CMAC we believe in giving our talent the best possible start in the fashion, film & media industry, we have a lot to offer, including a variety of classes administered by qualified, trained instructors with experience in their field. Our small class sizes ensure every individual receives the essential knowledge and confidence needed to be part of the competitive fashion and entertainment world.

We help you take advantage of the many opportunities available in these exciting and fast-paced industries. Our clients have participated in projects globally, from film & television to fashion shows, hair shows, music videos, print ads, and more.

CMAC is dedicated to maintaining the excellence in teaching and professionalism that provides the leadership, direction, and techniques that enhance self-esteem, confidence, and success in the Model & Talent Industry as well as in your personal & business life balance. 

CMAC should be a part of everyone's education.

We welcome you to start your journey into the spotlight with us.

side view of a young businessman buttoning his suit and looks at the camera